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Other Visiting Places - Kokan

 Harihareshwar (Dakshin Kashi ):
Harihareshwar is one of the finest places in Konkan. It is just 130 Kms. from Pune. It is famous for a temple on the seashore as well as the beach and the natural beauties here.Harihareshwar is only 25 Kms for Shri Vardhan. If one wants to enjoy travelling by sea, the launches are also available between the two towns. The temple here is one of the major attractions. Harihareshwar is known as Kashi of Southern India. The hill on the seashore at Harihareshwar is also known as 'Harihar' or 'Pushpadri'. The temple is old and the construction period of this temple can not be easily said.The temple might be constructed in Shivaji's Period as one can find such sculptures. But was re-constructed by First Bajirao Peshawa in 1723. The temple consists of idols of Brahma - Vishnu - Mahesh and Devi Parvati.The other temples in the premises are of Shri Kalbhairav and Shri Yogeshwari.Truly,Harihareshwar is a place of temples and beautiful seashore. The atmosphere here is very auspicious and creates pleasure. The seashore,beach,the dark woods near the sea and the temple are worth to visit.
 Alibag ( Sea Shore Near to Pune and Mumbai ):

When one is ready to start from Pune early morning and is ready to come back late night, at the same time when one wishes to enjoy the beauty of sea, there is no choice except Alibag. The journey Pune-Lonavala-Khandala-Khopoli-Shila fata-Pen-Wadkhala-Poyanad-Dharamtar-Karlekhind-Alibag - is of 140-145 kms and approx. 4.5 hrs. The fort Kulaba lies 1-2 km in the sea from Alibag. At the time of tide , the whole fort is encircled with water while at the time of fall; it is easy even to walk the fort. That is the reason why one needs to understand the sequence of tide and fall while visiting Kulaba fort. It is safe to go in the fort before or after 1 hours of fall. But it must be remembered to come back after the full fall, within 1 hour. Otherwise one cannot leave the fort for next 5-6 hours.Though Kanakeshwar and Sagargarh are nearer, they can not be covered within a day. Various places worth seeing in Alibag are Beaches , Observatory , Kanhoji Angre Samadhi , the market place , Uma-Maheshwar temple , Balaji temple etc.

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