Other Temples In Pune

1.Dashbuja Ganapati :  This Ganapati was discovered while digging a well in a private plot at Laxminagar near Parvati. It is also called Chintamanitirth and the temple was consecrated on December 22nd, 1964. Although the temple was built recently, the idol is ancient. The temple is the private property of Khaladkars, and they manage it. The temple celebrates religious ceremonies from 1st of Chaitra Shuddha to the 3rd of Vaishakh.

2.Trisund Ganapati :  Situated on the banks of Nagazari in Somwar Peth (of the old city) this temple is famous for its special architecture. This ancient temple depicts a rare idol of Ganapati having three heads, six hands and astride a peacock. The descendants of Giraji Goswami own this temple.

3.Warad Gupchup Ganapati :  Located in Shaniwar Peth, this temple is famous since the times of B.G.Tilak, who is popularly known as Lokmanya. The sculptor of this idol, the Late Moreshwar Shastri Rawajishastri Dixit was close to Tilak and N.C. Kelkar and both used to visit this temple regularly, which also gives it some value if you are a hardcore Punekar.

4.Nageshwar Temple : Located in nahal or Nagesh Peth. This temple is 900 years old. New Lingh will be estabished in the time of Adilshah and the jirnauddhar of the temple is done in the year 1730.It is may be yadavkaline. Many years ago their will be "KUNDHA" in the Hemadpanthya construction.

5.Rameshwar Temple : Located in Raviwar Peth. It is constructed in year of 1830 and jirnauddhar will be done in the year 1884. This temple is constructed by Jivajipanth Kahgiwalay at the time of Balaji Bajirao.

6.Ram Temple Of Rahalkar : Located in Sadashiv Peth. The special thing of this temple is that every year on  vishakh shddha sapthme the rajyabhishake ceremoney is done.

7.Laxmi - Narshigh Temple : Located in Sadashiv Peth. This god is brought by one brahmin of ratnagiri. This temple is established in the year 1774. The murthi of god is brought from pachvati (dist. Nasik).

8.Khunya Murlidhar Temple: Located in Sadashiv Peth.The murthi is created in the bright marble by the famous bakhatram  of jaipur. The order for creting the murthi is by the sahukar Mr. sadashiv raghunath or Dada gadhrai.The murthi will be estabished in the year 1797.

9.Datta Temple of Dagadusheth Halvai : Located in bhudwar peth. This temple is estabished in year 1904.

10.Nivdungya Vitoba Tample : Located in Nana peth. This temple is also known as "Pune Til Pandharapur".The murthi of vitoba is found in nivdung  and the temple is built by one gujarathi sahukar in the year 1830. The Palkhee is Tukaram is stop here when go to the Pandharapur every year.Other vitoba temples are as followes one is near to the Sambaji/lakhdee bridge. Another one is in the somewar peth near nageshwar temple. This temple is since form Peshwa time.The temple located at bank of mutha river is nice. On the river bank the tomb of Pudhalik is also there.

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