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Shirdi -  (PuneDiary's Picnic Sports Section)

How to Reach
Many buses are available for Shirdi. There is no direct train to Shirdi. You could otherwise directly reach Shirdi by taking a car which can take you from your place directly to Shirdi.

Events Time
Bhupali 5.00 am
Kakad Aarti 5:15 am
Holy Bath of Baba 6:00 am
Darshan Begins 7:00 am
Abhishek 9:00 am
Satyanarayanpuja 9:00 am
Afternoon Aarti  12:00 noon
Pravachan 4:00 pm
Dhupa Aarti Sun-set
Shejarati 10:00 pm
 Places to Visit
Samadhi Mandir:
The Samadhi Mandir was initially owned by Shreemant Gopalrao he was from Nagpur, he was also a big Sai devotee. The Mandir is made up of stone and the Samadhi is of White Marble. The railing which surrounds the Samadhi is full of ornamental decorations. The two silver pillars in front of the Samadhi are beautiful with artistic designs on it. There is also a marble statue of Sai Baba.
Above the statue is an open, silver umbrella. The front of the Mandir has an assembly hall which can accommodate about 550 people. You can see pictures on the first floor which depict the life of Sai Baba.

This is the masjid where Sri Sai Baba lived continously for sixty years. Sai Baba had come to Shridi with a marriage procession. Here he cured the sick. There are two levels of Dwarkamani. The first level has a big stone on which Sai Baba used to sit. There are two rooms over here, one has a Palkhi and the other has a Chariot. The second level has that stool on which Sai Baba used to sit while having bath. There is a beautiful painting of Sai Baba sitting in a carved wooden Shrine.

Gurusthan is the place where Sai Baba was first seen sitting under a Neem tree. Sai Baba first came to Shridi in the form of Bal Yogi. The present day temple in Gurusthan was renovated in 1941. There is a big portrait of Baba on a elevated platform of this shrine. Shivling and the Nandi are just in front of the portrait.
At a short distance from here is the Chavadi where Sai Baba used to sleep every alternate days. This place is divided in to two parts. One of which has a large portrait along with a wooden bed and a white chair which belonging to him. There is also a cottage of Abdul Baba. From a little distance from the cottage is a Maruti temple.

Lendi Baug:
The Baug got its name after a Nalla which once upon a time was flowing there. Every morning and evening Baba use to come here to have rest under a Neem tree. Baba had dug a hole under the Neem tree and kept a Deep lit in it. In memory of this place a Nanda Deep has been built which burns all day. This place also has a Samadhi of the horse which belonged to Baba & the well dug by Baba.
 Some Instructions to the Devotees
  • Reception centers have been opened opposite the S.T. Bus stand for proper guidance and assistance, here you can get any information that you need to know.

  • A locker is available at nominal charge and against a deposit, which may be booked at the enquiry office, and used for keeping luggage or any other valuables.

  • Devotees should note that all religious functions and Poojas in the Sansthan premises are to be arranged and performed through the office of the Sansthan. Necessary payments for these are to be made at the office against a receipt. Boxes have been provided by the Sansthan in the Mandir itself to receive the devotees' offerings by way of Dakshina.

  • Offering to Shri Sai Baba in cash or kind should always be made at the office against a receipt.

  • As all the necessary assistance and guidance is readily available to the devotees at the Reception center of the Sansthan, so avoid assistance from unauthorized guides at the S.T. stand or else where.

  • Devotees are warned against practitioners of black magic professing allegiance to Shri Sai Baba, and also against those circulating chain-letters, asking the receiver to send a certain number of copies of the letter to others.

  • Literature about Shri Sai Baba containing authentic information has been published by the Sansthan and is readily available at book shops near the Samadhi Mandir.

  • A complaint or a suggestion book is always kept in the office for the use by the devotees.

  • Avoid sending cash or currency notes in postal envelopes, donations should always be sent by Money Orders, Postal Orders, Crossed and A/c. Payee Cheques or Drafts to ensure safe delivery of the same.

  • All donations for oil for the Nanda-deep and for firewood for Dhuni in the Dwarkamai are to be given in the Accounts office only.

  • Devotees desirous of feeding the poor can arrange to do so against cash payment to be made to the Prasadalaya itself or the account office.

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