Temples ( Pune )

Srimant Shree Dagdu Sheth Halvai Ganpati 

This the most famous in whole of India. It is the richest Ganesh idol. It is covered with gold ornaments on it and its crown has diamonds  on it. During the Ganesh festival there is huge crowd is attracted here. Almost all those who believe in Lord Ganesh come to seek blessings from this place. Many famous personalities in India have donated gold ornaments to this idol.

This was built by Bhim Giriji Gosavi during 1754 to 1770. Here is a shrine of a lord Ganesh sitting on a Peacock. This temple is built in stone & in Rajestani design enclave on it.

Chaturshrungi Temple

The Chaturshringi Temple is a small hillock dedicated to Goddess " Durga "  The Presiding deity is Goddess " Ambreshwari " An annual Navaratri Fair is held here in the month of " Ashwin " This temple is built in Shivaji era.

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  "Vinayaka" is another name of Lord Ganesh, the God loved and worshiped by every Hindu. Lord Ganesh is the protector of his devotees. Eight effigies found among the nature, sculptured by nature have been housed in the temples created ages ago at the places where the effigies were first identified. These 'Swayambhu' effigies. Now the sacred idols, is the  famous "Ashta Vinayak." Special S.T. buses ply between Pune and all the Ashta Vinayak temples. Tours are also organized by private operators. Dharmashala, Lodges and M.T.D.C. resorts almost at all the places for visitors to reside. Ashtavinayak Temples are within the range of only 20 to 110 Kms.

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Alandi is 25 kms away from Pune. Popularly known as Devachi Alandi (God's place) has samadhi and a temple of the Saint-poet Dynaeshwar. The temple over here was built in 1570. Sant Dynanehswar wrote the Marathi translation of the Bhagwat Geeta called as 'Dyneshwari'.
     The other famous places in Alandi are Vitthal-Rakhumai temple, Ram temple, Krishna Temple, Muktai temple.

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