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Pin Code No. : 413801.
STD Code : 02117.
Area : 128604 Hectors.
Population :  256872
(According to 1991 Census).

Church Jain Temple Daund Nagar Parishad

The Geography :

One of the main talukas towards the Eastern side of Pune is Daund. East to West Distance of Daund is 75 kms and breath wise Daund is 45 kms wide. The total area of the Taluka is 1290 sq. kms.
Daund taluka comprises of 65 villages. Bhima, Mula and Mutha are the three rivers in Daund. Average Rainfall over here is 350 to 375 m.m.

Daund in Ancient Times :

In ancient times 'Dhaumya Rishi' used to stay in this place, hence people started calling this place after his name as 'Dhaum'. As the times passed 'Dhaum' became 'Dhoand', then 'Dhaundh', and as the time passed it got its name is 'Daund'.
According to the Epic Mahabharata Shri Krishna's wife Rukhmini had gone in the 'Dhindir forest', this ancient 'Dhindir Van' is todays Daund.
Shri Vitthal's statue with black statues of both Rahi and Rukhmini on the either sides is the only Vitthal Temple. Because of the hugeness of the temple it is also called as the 'Prati Pandharpur' (like a replica of Pandharpur).

Daund In Shivaji's Era :

Father of Shivaji Maharaj Shahaji Maharaj was a Sardar in the Nizam Shahi. He had got Daund and surrounding area as a 'Jagir'. In this Jagir there was an important fort called Bahadurgad in Pedgaon which is 13 kms from Daund. Bhadurgad is even today standing on the banks of the river Bhima. Bahadurgad is four times as big as that of Shaniwarwada. 9 kms away from Daund is a place called 'Kurkumb', there are temples of two Goddess  - 'Tukai' and 'Firangai', Shavaji's father Shahaji Raje along with his family used to come here. Teacher of Shivaji, Dadoji Konddeo was from Daund Taluka and used to stay in 'Malthan'. The place where he resided can be seen even today.

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Daund and the Peshwas :

In 1739 the Bajirao - Mastani affair had brought clashes among the Peshwa family, hence Bajirao Peshwa took Mastani away from Pune and made her stay in Patas. Hence forth Bajirao and Mastani met at the Firangai Devi temple in Kurkumb.
Water of the rivers Bhima, Nira, Pravara, Ghod and Godavari are best suited to the horses, hence the horses breeding on these waters used to be strong, quick and loyal. The area of 'Bhimthadi' which is close to Daund was famous for getting good breed of Horses and people preferred to get a pony only from this place. This breed was supposed to be the best of all. Hence the Horse business in Daund has flourished.
At the end of the Peshwa Era due to heavy loans on them Daund and some villages from Pune had gone in control of 'Girgosavi'.

Daund and the British :

Daund got very much developed during the British rule. When Railways were started during the British rule in 1870, the 'Bombay-Solapur' railway passed via Daund. In 1894 'Daund-Baramati' Meter Gauge route was started. Daund became a Junction after the 'Daund-Manmad' train. Daund got connected to Srigonda when in 1928 the bridge over river Bhima was constructed.
In the British period Daund was an important center for the Coal Engines. There were more than 125 Coal Engines in Daund. for this Daund also had a big work shop in it. Because of this the ash of the coal was found in abundance. Hence the brick making business started and it went to various big cities.
3 kms away from Daund there was the Indian wireless center. At that time there only 2-3 wireless centers in India. From 1942 to 1945 two Military camps were set up in Daund.
The first theater called 'Hind Cinema' was started in 1938, and the first hotel in Daund called 'Maharashtra Khanaval' was started in 1930 which owned by Mule and in 1940 the 'Jogalekar Upahar Gruh' came into existence.

Government Offices and Phone Nos. 

Tahasildar Office : 62342.
B.D.O, Zilla Parishad : 62356.
B.P.M.P.C.O : 62397.
District Deputy Registrar Co-operative Society :   62204.
District and Session Court; Civil Court : 62429.
District Court - Judicial Magistrate - Railway Quarters : 63626.
Deputy Engineer PWD Sub Division : 62316.
Live Stock Development Officer : 62613.
Irrigation Khadaksasala Dam ; Sub Engineer : 62443.
PWD Exe Engineer Minor Irrigation Division 2 : 62283.


Railways Rapid Police Force : 62633.
Medical  Officer Chamber : 62430.
S T Test Room : 62220.
Railway Police Station : 62321.
Station Master : 62440.
Yard Master Office (Sc) : 62381.
Enquiry Office : 62494.
Minor Irrigation Sub Division Engineer : 62683.
Police Station : 62333.
Kurkumbh Sub Police Station : Not available.
Ravangaon Sub Police Station : Not available.
Swami Chincholi Sub Police Station : Not available.

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More About Daund :

Daund is a Taluka with very hot temperature. This area receives scanty rainfall. Lakes like Warvand, Kasurdi and Motoba fall in this Taluka. Wheat and Sugarcane are grown over here. Fruits like Orange and Sweet Lime are  grown here. You can  also find flower gardens in this region. There is a Sugarcane factory in this Taluka. Main Occupation of the people in Daund is Farming.

One can reach Daund by the means of (S.T)State Transport or by Train. There are Shuttles Running from Pune Station to Daund. The major stops taken by the shuttle are Hadapsar, Manjri Budruk, Loni, Urali Kanchan, Yavat, Kedgaon, Patas and  then it reaches Daund.

The famous Freedom Fighter Late Shree Kisandas Gulabchand Kataria was from Daund. He was awarded with the degree of Natya Bhushan, Shikshan Maharshi and many more.

Daund Station is a Railway Junction. Most of the trains pass through Daund Junction. There is the Old Railway bridge towards Nagar which was built by the British Government. The condition of bridge is very good even after a long period since it was built. Newly built  bridge over river Bhima is also mind blowing. Some area of Kurkumbh in Daund is declared as Chemical Zone for the Chemical Industries. Most of the Industries from all over Maharashtra have been shifted to Kurkumbh.

The historical place in Daund is the Ancient Vitthal Temple, there are some more attractive Temples in Daund . There are 9 Masjids in Daund. The Norton Memorial Church and Christ Church are two main Churches, including 10 more  Churches in Daund. There are also a few Gurudwaras in Daund. Narayan- Bet near Chaufula in Daund is a popular picnic spot. Firangai Mata Temple in Kurkumbh is one of the Ancient temples and a picnic spots just 7 Kms away from Daund. At Malthan which is at a distance of 22 Kms from Daund is the Palace of Dadoji Kondhdev, teacher of Shivaji Raje Bhosale. Ancient temple of Bhuleshwar is located at Yavat which is 15 Kms from Daund.

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