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Baramati- one of the well known historical places in Maharashtra- is situated at the banks of the river Karha. The town has a historical significance because of Shri. Babuji Naik. The town is also famous in Maharashtra because of the popular poet Moropant, the great legendary poet laureate.

     The town has a long history of about 400 years. The town has two old temples which are built around 750 AD. One of them is of Shri Kashivishweshwar- based on the west bank of the river, the other is of Shri Sidheshwar, located on the east bank of the river. Sidheshwar Temple is a master piece of architecture. The temple is located near Babuji Naik's Mansion. In this temple we find the gigantic idol of 'Nandi'. It is simply the superb piece of sculpture. We find the references of both these temples in the great epic "Shiv Lilamrut" by another famous poet Shridhar Swami.

     Once upon a time, it is said that, Baramati was ruled by the Yadavas of Devgiri. But later on, after the fall of the Yadav rule, it was immersed in the reign of Bahamas of Gulbarga. Fortunately we find very authentic and credible historical references of Baramati's History in the books of Dr. Shejwalkar & Mr. Grant Duff- the well known historians.

     According to Duff Nijam Shah of Ahemednagar, gifted Baramati to Malojiraje Bhonsale, in 1603 AD. Thus Baramati was ruled by Bhonsale and later on it was included the great reign of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. That time it was administered by Dadoji Konddeo. After the decline of the Maratha Empire Baramati was ruled by the Mughals of Delhi in the 17th century.

     Then after Aurangzeb's death, it was won by the Marathas. Around 1745AD Shahu Maharaj handed over the charge of Baramati to Babuji Naik. He was the great administrator as well as the patron of arts and religion. It is he who gave the royal support and patronage to Kavivarya Moropant- the pioneer of "Arya". Moropant was born in the village Saundal.

     The Shivalilamrit is an epic narrative, the recitation of which occupies an important place in the daily worship ritual of many Shaiva devotees in Maharashtra. Written in 1718 CE by the famous Marathi poet Shridharswami (1678-1729), it consists of 14 chapters and contains a total of 2453 ovis (couplets). Written in the classical puranic style, the poem describes the greatness of Shiva, detailed procedures for his worship and various myths associated with the god's exploits.

     Today Baramati is known as Shri.Sharad Pawar's native place, one of the legendary national leaders in India. He is the president of Nationalist Congress Party. Under his leadership Baramati has done remarkable development in the era of IT and Education.

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