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Nataal  ( Christmas )

The word Christmas reminds of Carols, Candles and Cakes. This is the festival is celebrated by Christians. On this day Jesus Christ was born. It comes on the 25th of December. Christians celebrate this festival with great joy. It is called "Nataal" in Marathi.

Actually the word "Christmas" does not occur in the Bible. Some historians claim that it was in the year BC 4.  

They could not find a place for them to stay, hence they took shelter in a cattle shed. And baby Jesus was born in the cattle shed.

God gave his only son to this world. Jesus gave up his life for the mankind and rose from death. Today people eat, drink and dance without realising the cause for which Jesus had to come in this world.
The Gospels of Mathew and Luke speak about the birth of Jesus Christ. Mary had being betrothed (engaged) to Joseph. According to the prophecy, Mary became pregnant while she was a virgin i.e. without been touched by man. 

Joseph had made his mind to divorce her informally, till the Angel of the Lord came in his dream and told him about the Lords will. The Lords Angel also told him that they must name the baby "Jesus". Mary gave birth to a son, and they named him Jesus. The baby was born through the Holy Spirit and hence Jesus was born Sin less. Mary and hence Jesus were descendents of David.

At the time of Jesus' birth Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus issued orders for the census. When Joseph came to the Israeli town of Bethlehem for the census, Mary and Joseph could not find a place for them to stay, hence they took shelter in a cattle shed. And baby Jesus was born in this cattle shed.

At the time of the birth, there was a special star shining in the sky. Some astronomers discovered this, and reported it to Herod the King of Judea. He was disturbed by this news, several centuries ago their prophets had told about the coming of Jesus and these were recorded in their scriptures. Following the star three Kings, the Wise men and the Shepard came to see the baby.

Cribs are made in most of the houses or even in public places for this day. Crib competitions are also held by various organizations in this period. In the Crib it is shown that .... ' baby Jesus is born, his mother Mary and Joseph are sitting besides him, three kings have come with precious gifts to see the baby, an Angel telling the Shepard about the birth of Jesus Christ '. In short the incident at the time of his birth is displayed. Special Masses are held on this day. Cakes and Sweets are distributed on this day.

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is celebrated by Christians. Easter is the oldest of all Christian festivals. It is celebrated on the 3rd day of the Good Friday. Good Friday is the day when Jesus Christ was Crucified and killed. After being dead he Resurrected ( became alive ) on the 3rd Day i.e is on Sunday. And this is the Easter Sunday  (Easter 'Sunday' because it comes always on Sunday).

According to Bible when Jesus was crucified and was found dead. Joseph took his body down from the cross. Jesus' body was kept in a grave. Some women found that it was put there without been anointed with any of the customary spices or perfumes. These women along with other women when brought it to the grave on the third day i.e. Sunday, they found that the stone covering the entrance of the grave had moved from its place, and the body of Jesus was not found in the grave. Then came two angles who said ' Why you are searching body of a man who has been raised and was alive ', they came and told it to everyone that the son of Lord had risen from death.

After this Jesus came to his people and talked to them. Some did not believe him and were suspicious that it wasn't Jesus, then Jesus asked one of his disciples to touch his wounds on his palms which he had received while he was crucified. Then they believed that it was Jesus who had risen from death. After this he rose into the heaven to his father, the Lord. Special masses are held in Churches on this day.

Parsi New Year
This festival is of Parsi community. It is on 21st of August. The Parsi new year starts on this day.

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