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(Oct- Nov)
Dasera is considered as one of the Sade-Teen shubh-muhurats. According to Epic 'Ramayana', Dasera is the day on which the Lord Ram killed the evil king of Lanka 'Ravan'. This day is celebrated as good had triumph over evil, a huge statue of Ravan is burnt which is made up of crackers, where people gathers and enjoys the burning statue of Ravan. Especially children enjoy seeing this because of the beautiful fireworks on the ground. The festival which is thought as 'The entry of God' & is celebrated in wonderful style decorating the entrances of houses & shops with flower studded strings called 'Torans' & workshipping vehicles, machineries, books, weapons & also tools. This festival attracts lots of devotee. In the evening, people cross the border which is called 'Sima-ollanghan' & worships shami tree on which, Pandavas hide their weapons during Adanyatvas. The leaves of Shami tree, also known as Apte Tree is collected & exchanged among relatives & friends  as gold by saying "Sone Gya Sonyasarakhe Raha" which means take gold and be like gold.

Navratra Festival
Navratra Festival is celebrated all over Pune with great interest. This festival is celebrated nine days before Dasera. It is celebrated mostly in Public. People from all Communities and castes take part in this festival with equal interests. Garbha and Dandia are arranged all over Pune by many of the Mandals in Pune. Now a days Disco Dandia is organised by many organisations which receives a good response from Puneites.

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