Empress Garden


Popularly known as "Soldiers Garden", was originally the property of one Sardar Vithalrao Purandhare and General Finjer managed it. In 1838 Government acquired it. In 1845 it came in occupation of Sir Charles Napier and was known as "Garden of Dr. Don." When queen Victoria acquired the title of "Empress Of India" this garden was named as "Empress Garden", but as already said, it is popularly known as "Soldiers Garden", for the reason that the British Soldiers frequented it for recreation. No history is available between  the year 1845 and 1892 and how and when it came in the hands of Bombay Government , who in 1892 transferred it to the Agri-Horicultural society of western India, one of the oldest of its kind in the country, have been established in the year 1830. The total approximate  area of this garden is fifty-nine  acres and the chief product of the garden are mangoes, tamarind and cut flowers.

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