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Mr. Lalit Kumar Jain

Chairman & M.D. Kumar Builders.
Social Engagements:
Vice President of Promoters & Builders Associations of Poona.
Chairman of Co- Ordination committee , Federation of Promoters & Builders Associations of Maharashtra.
President of Poona District Amateur Athletics Association.
Treasurer of Confederation of Real Estate Developer's Association of India  ( C.R.E.D.A.I.).
Trustee of Pune Patrakar Pratisthan, Pune .

  • Always in Merit right from school days & overall excellence in sports, oratory & arts.

  • Winner of first price (Nehru Award) for children's drawing competition at the age of 13.

  • General Secretary, Dyaneshwar Vidyapeeth.

  • Stood third in Civil Engineering in the Vidyapeeth.

  • Ex-Leo coordinator Dist 323-d (Maharashtra) 1983-84.

  • Major Contribution in beautifying Pune City & tree Plantation.

  • Conceptualized 50 year plan for Pune's Development.

An introduction to Mr. Jain is like showing a lamp to the Sun .The name 'Kumar Builders' of which Mr. Jain is the Chairman & M.D. is a name synonymous with the builders of Pune . Its like a brand name in Pune.

Mr. Jain started his career as a site supervisor with the Gera construction Company at the tender age of 17 when most of the youngsters are having a good time. Within a year he joined his family business under the name of 'Kumar Group'. All this time he did not give up on his studies .In spite of working full time he completed his Civil Engineering Degree standing 3 in the merit. Modestly he credits his success to timely help of friends & family with whose help he started his first site at Shukrawar Peth .It was a 21,000 sq.ft. 2 floored building having a ground floor shop. The building was called 'Ashoka'. The rest, as we all know is history. In 1999 he parted ways with his joint family business and started his own business under the banner of 'Kumar Builders'. Happily married with a son and a daughter, Mr. Jain is truly a successful person.

According to Mr. Jain all projects should be an example of the work done in itself. His prime pet projects as of now are :Residential Sector-Kumar City; Commercial Sector-Concorde Towers. As for future plans for his business, he is open to all kinds of options including linking up with other builders for some projects. When asked about the builders of other cities swarming our city he said that "gud hai to makhiya aayegi" (where there is Jaggery flies are bound to get attracted). As for him expanding to other cities he leaves it in the hands of time. He is not for building hotel buildings as he says he is home maker. He is absolutely smitten by his profession & he thoroughly enjoys his work. On asking about any plans to join politics he just smiled & said "I want to be 100 feet away from politics".

Mr. Lalit Jain had made a 50 years Vision Plan for Pune. He was invited by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra to submit it to the ministry, but then as we all know it was a kind of publicity gimmick & the plan is still to see the light of day.
When asked about ways of making Pune a better place to live in he said "Wake Up Pune". Pune is right now the most polluted city. Create a common platform from which all -Bureaucrats, businessmen & the common man should strive hard to make it a better city. Create a task force to pursue it making & following a collective agenda. To start with -the acute traffic problems by taking decisions to build flyovers & have rapid transport system like monorails etc .Solutions like this help in preventing pollution & traffic problem. Pune's caretakers should strive for the betterment of the city rather than hogging credit for it.

All in all Mr. Jain is a true punekar who feels for the city with his heart & would genuinely take interests & efforts in improving it, given a chance. Let us try & go on the path showed by him.

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