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Raksha Bandhan

Shrava purnima’s second festival is Raksha Bandhan. This is an ancient tradition. On this day, sisters tie the Rakhi, around the right wrist of their brothers praying for their long life and happiness. There was a battle between Indra and demons. At that time Indra’s sister took a silk thread, charged it with sacred verses for protection and tied it on Indra’s hand. Through the strength of this thread Indra conquered his enemies.

Following this this festival is celebrated. Raksha Bandhan is also known as Rakhi. Nowadays Rakhis are decorated with soft silky threads of various colours, and also with ornaments, pictures, gold and silver threads etc. When the sisters give their brothers the rakhis, they give them candy to eat as well. The brothers give their sisters little gifts in return.
Narali Pournima

The full moon day in the month of 'Shravan' is celebrated with characteristic fervour in different parts of Maharashtra and is known variously as 'Narali Pournima', 'Shravani Pournima', 'Rakhi Pournima' or 'Raksha Bandhan'. 'Naral' means 'coconut', and thus called Narali Pournmia because offerings of coconuts are made by people to the Sea-God on this day. Sweet Coconut Rice is special dish of this day. Narali Pournima also marks the advent of the new fishing season and fishermen appease the Sea-God before sailing out in their gaily-decorated boats. The festival is a day of singing and dancing.

Raksha Bandhan is also observed on this day. Sisters tie 'Rakhis' or beautifully decorated threads on their brothers' wrists. The ritual renews the bond of affection between siblings and signifies the brother's responsibility of protecting his sister all her life.

Kojagiri Pournima

This is one of the enjoyable festivals. This is the way to celebrate the beautiful full moon in Ashwin month. People enjoy the moonshine with boiled, thick Milk added all types of dry fruits. People wear white clothes & play games like antakshri on terraces or outdoors (purpose to see full moon with beautiful sky & blinking stars). Thus people enjoy the cool air of the Ashwin month in excellent way.


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