This Jyotirlinga is located at Deogarh in Bihar. The temple complex consists of twenty two other temples. The courtyard is bounded by stone walls and the main temple consists of several huge pillars. The top of the Shiva Lingam is slightly broken, keeping with the legend that it was chipped away when Ravana tried to uproot it.
The associated story is as follows. With the burning desert for power, might and strength Ravana started worshipping Lord Shiva with mind and soul. During summers he would Partake Panchagni and during winters he would stay in water. During the rains he would stay in the open fields and practice serve penance.

Even after long penance when Lord Shiva did not appear he made a Parthivlinga and installed it. He dug a pit near it and lighted fire just beside it. Accordingly to the Vedic scripture he performed worship of Shiva front of the fire. He started cutting his heads one by one and offered it as oblation to the Lord. Because of Shiva grace the moment he would cut his head and offer it, it was come back to its original place. In this way he offered his head 9 times. When he was about to offer his 10th head to the God immediately Lord Shiva appeared and Said – O Ravana! I am pleased with your devotion you ask me for a wish you desire.

       Ravana asked for invincibility and tremendous might and power. Lord Shiva blessed him accordingly. Ravana requested Lord Shiva to accompany him to Lanka. At that time Shiva handed over to him a linga and warned Ravana that if you keep this Lings anywhere on earth it shall fix itself to the ground and shall remain there for eternity. He thanked Lord Shiva and holding the linga carefully started of to the Lanka. Because of Lord Shiva’s Maya Ravana felt like answering nature’s call, which was uncontrollable. He gave the linga to a small boy standing beside and told him to hold it. The small boy could not withstand the weight of the linga and he kept it on the ground. No sooner he had done so the linga affixed itself strongly to the ground for eternity. Despite all his efforts Ravana could not lift it and in despair Ravana returned home. This Shiva linga itself is the Jyotirlinga named Vaijnath.

How to reach ?

By Rail :Jasidih on the Calcutta to Patna line is the nearest. It is well connected with trains from different regions of India.

By Air : The nearest airport is Patna, which is well connected to New Delhi and Calcutta.

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