If...... You are Visiting Maharashtra ( Pune ) First Time 
We are providing with some of the commonly used Marathi Language words and Phrases which will help those coming to Pune without the knowledge of Marathi.
Go For Common Phrases

A Few Words From English To Marathi
Common Words Numbers
English Marathi English Marathi
I / Me Me One Ek
You Tumhi / Tu Two Doan
Please Krupaya Three Teen
Alright Bara / Theek Four Chaar
Yes Ho / Hoy Five Pach
No Nako Six Saha
Boy Mulga Seven Saat
Girl Mulgi Eight Aath
Big Motha Nine Nau
Small Lahaan Ten Daha
Fast Lavkar Eleven Akrah
Slow Halhu Twelve Bara
Male Purush / Manoos Thirteen Tera
Female Stree / Mahila Fourteen Chauda
Good Changla/Mast Fifteen Pandhra
Bad Vaiet Sixteen Solha
Come Yaa Seventeen Satra
Go Jaa Eighteen Athra
Here Ikde Nineteen Ekonees
There Tikde Twenty Vees
Long Laamb Thirty Tees
Sorry Maaf Kara Forty Chalis
Stop Thamba Fifty Pannas
We Aamhi Sixty Saath
They Tey Seventy Sattar
Mine Maje Eighty Ainshi
Yours Tumche Ninety Nouvadh
Mother Aai Hundred Shambhar
Father Vadil Thousand Hazaar
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Dates Colors
Monday Somwar White Pandhra
Tuesday Mangalwar Black Kala
Wednesday Budhwar Red Lal
Thursday Guruwar Blue Neela
Friday Shukrawar Green Hirva
Saturday Shaniwar Yellow Pivla
Sunday Raviwar Golden Soneri
Day Divas Silver Chanderi
Morning Sakal
Evening Sandhyakaal Directions
Night Ratra Back Maage
Time Vel Front Pudhe
Today Aaj Inside Aat
Tomorrow Udya Outside Baher
Week Aathawada Up Var
Month Mahina Down Khali
Year Varsh Left Dava
Yesterday Kaal Right Ujava
Dawn Pahaat Center Madhye
Mid Night  Madhya Ratra East Purva

West Paschim
Brother Bhau North Uttar
Sister Bahin South Dakshin
Go For Common Phrases

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