Pune's main language

Common Phrases

To Get Around Town..........

Where is the shopping center?

Kharedi bazzar kothe aahe?

I don't want this.

Mala hey nako.

Take me to (fort).

Mala (fort) la ghevun chala.

How far the airport from here?

Ikdun Vimantalh kiti dur aahe?

Take me to my hotel. Mala majhya hotel la ghevun ja.
Please wait for me Krupaya majhya sathi thamba
Please come here Krupaya ikade ya.
I will return in (an hour). Me (ek tasat) parat yeto.
What is your name? Tumche naav kai aahe?
How do I go from ___ to ___. Me ___ pasun ___ la kasa jau?
Thank you for your help. Tumchya madati sathi dhanyavaad.

To Get A Meal..........

Where is a good Chinese / Thai / South Indian joint? Changla Chinese / Thai / Dakshina Bharatiya hotel kothe aahe ?
Bring me the menu. Mala menu Kard dya.
What is the price ? Kai kimmat / bhav aahe ?
What do you serve here ? Ikde kai kai milhel ?
I like food here. Mala ikadach jevan avadt.
This is enough. Hey Pure Jhale.

While Shopping..........
Where can I buy some jewellery ? Me dagine kothe kharedi karu shakto / shakte ?
How much is it ? Keeti aahe hey ?
Reduce the price please. Krupaya thodi kimmat kami kara.
I will buy lots of things. Me khoop vastu kharedi karnar aahe.
I don't want it. Mala hey nako.

Bring it here. Tey ikde aana.
Call him. Tyala bolva.
I do not understand. Mala samjat nahi.
Please wait a minute. Krupaya ek minute thamba.
Please sit down. Krupaya basa /basun ghya.
Nice to meet you. Tumhala bhetun anand jhala.
What is the time now? Aata Keeti vajle?
Good morning. Suprabhat.
Good night. Shubh Ratri.
He is sleeping. To jhopla aahe.
He is not at home. To gharat nahi.
How are you? Tumhi kase aahat?
Good bye. Achcha yeto.
Few Words From English To Marathi

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