Omkareshwar Temple

Omkareshwar Temple

Omkareshwar Temple

This Jyotirlinga is situated by the banks of Narmada river in the Malva area. Gods of all the Gods Lord Shiva’s Omkareshwar linga is situated on the mountain Mandhata.Shri Omkareshwar temple stands on a one mile long, half a mile wide island that has been formed by the fork of the Narmada.  The sacred island, shaped like the holiest of all Hindu symbols, `Om’, has drawn a hundred generations of pilgrims. The white dome of the temple is constructed of soft soap stone displaying intricate carvings on the upper portions and stone roof of the temple. Verandhas with columns which are carved in circles, polygons and squares encircle the shrine. The tower or Shirkhar was built in Nagara style and consists of 5 layers, each representing a different deity

Before entering the temple one has to pass through 2 rooms. The Omkareshwar is not affixed to the ground, but is naturally installed there. There is always water around it. The significance of this linga is that the linga is not situated below the cupola. The idol of Lord Shiva is situated on the top of the temple. A huge fair is organised here on the day of Kartik Poornima.

How to reach ?

By Road  :Indore is connected by road with Agra (605 km), Ahmedabad (456 km), Bhopal (187 km), Bombay (602km),Delhi (809 km), Gwalior (486 km), Khajuraho (574 km), Ujjain (53 km)

By Rail : Indore is on the Western Railway line andis connected with all major cities in India. 

By Air :  Indore is connected by air with Bhopal, Bombay, Delhi and Gwalior. 

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