TCS opens unique new track in flagship Youth Employment Program (YEP) in India

  • To help rebuild the livelihoods of Covid-19 victims’ families and provide employment avenues   
  • To date, 120,000 youth trained and 24,000 placed in private and public sector companies

Mumbai, 29 SeptemberIndia is slowly, but steadily, getting back on its feet from the second wave of COVID-19 and many have lost the battle with COVID-19 during India’s second wave. Many families in our extended circles and the community have lost their sole earning members.

Youth Employment Program (under the TATA Affirmative Action Program) is TCS’ CSR flagship program to empower youth, women from rural colleges, unemployed graduates, especially from socially and economically disadvantaged sections of the society towards employment opportunities in the 21st century.

With the aim of helping youth rebuild their livelihoods and provide pathways to employment, TCS has included special programs that focus on training the youth in Quantitative Aptitude, Business Communication Skills, Programming, and Domain Skills.  Right from training to finding employment, TCS is supporting the candidates and grooming them for the careers of tomorrow. Nominated members from these bereaved families are included in the ongoing virtual Y.E.P batches across the country.


TCS is training participating youths specifically on Quantitative Aptitude, Business Communication Skills, Programming, and Domain Skills. After receiving this specialized training and mentorship, we will also be supporting them in finding employment opportunities. We have received 1384 nominations, who are being supported by 700+ TCS associates in their learning and employment journey. Over 80% of the nominees are from the states of Maharashtra, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, and Karnataka. The employees are also nominating suitable candidates to join the program, who are currently struggling due to the impact of this pandemic. Early days into the initiative, TCS has received over 1,300 nominations, of which over 85% were either friends or relatives of the employees.

Overall FY 22 Achievements:

  • YEP IT: 4800+ direct students benefited
  • YEP non-IT: 9200 students and 56 external trainers and professionals through skill-building, partnerships, and employment
  • Since inception: 124,000 youth trained with over 24,800 finding employment in private and public sector companies, including 13,800 in TCS

TCS’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment stems from the Company’s core values and the Tata Group’s ethos of improving the quality of life of local communities while contributing to economic and social development. TCS’ core belief of building greater futures for people and communities through innovation and collective knowledge is based on the values of fairness, equity, and respect for human rights and guides how the Company conducts its business, treats its employees, and supports local communities. 

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