The stories behind the red shirts

Zomato has come out with some very interesting data points on life, stories, dreams, and aspirations of their delivery persons.

Below are some interesting highlights from the delivery universe of Zomato!

  • Median age of Zomato’s delivery partners- 25 years

Although, Zomato caters to all age categories, we are considered youth-centric. Zomato’s last mile delivery fleet is representative of the same with an average age of twenty-five.

  • 19 percent of the delivery fleet has an undergraduate degree

Of Zomato’s entire fleet, 20% have completed 10th grade, 37% have completed 12th grade, 19% have an undergraduate degree while 4% are postgraduates. Roughly 9% have diplomas in various courses and only 8% haven’t completed 10th grade. Fifteen percent of the fleet wishes to complete their education; most of them are either enrolled in long-distance courses or are studying part-time.

  • 52 percent of Zomato’s last mile delivery fleet aspire of owning a car

52 percent of our fleet harbour the dream of owning a car someday; This is followed by those (20%) who wish to own a house someday, followed by 5% wanting to own a motorbike rather than using rented/borrowed ones. The travel bug spares no one — 4% of our fleet hopes to travel abroad at least once in their lifetime while 2% have no desire to own a passport as they’d prefer to travel across India at least once.

  • 54 percent of our delivery fleet are operating from Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities

54% of Zomato’s delivery fleet are operating from Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities whereas 46% are active in Tier-1 cities. Delhi NCR tops the chart with ~30,000+ delivery partners, contributing to almost one-sixth of Zomato’s overall fleet.

Taking the above data into consideration, please let us know if you would be interested in doing a story on the same. We will be happy to share additional information that you would require.


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