West India’s productivity is impacted most due to disturbed sleep caused by mosquitoes | Goodknight Report Findings

More than half (58%) of India’s productivity is getting impacted as people feel stressed/drained out because of disturbed sleep due to mosquitoes. As a prelude to the upcoming World Malaria Day (April 25), this crucial revelation emerged from a survey report unveiled by Goodknight, India’s leading household insecticide brand from Godrej Consumer Products Ltd (GCPL). Titled ‘One Mosquito, Countless Threats’, this pan-India survey commissioned by Goodknight, and conducted by market research firm YouGov, examines public attitudes, and assesses the risks of mosquito-borne diseases. The survey report involved respondents across four regions of India – North (including central zone states), South, West and East.

The Goodknight report highlights that 62% of males and 53% females expressed that their productivity is getting impacted because of disturbed sleep due to mosquitoes. This is particularly concerning in the context of India’s recent economic surge, where a healthy workforce is paramount. As per industry reports, the economic burden of India from mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria alone is around INR. 16000 crores. As per various estimates, approximately 75% of the economic burden represents the loss of earnings by Indians and the balance towards treatment expenses.

Geographic zone wise, the West region consisting of states like Goa, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan, seemed the most affected with 67% people in the region feeling their productivity is getting impacted due to disturbed sleep caused by mosquitoes. Southern India comes in at the second spot with 57% people followed by Northern India at 56% and East region at 49%.

Ashwin Moorthy, Chief Marketing Officer – India, Godrej Consumer Products Limited (GCPL), says, “Goodknight’s ‘ONE MOSQUITO, COUNTLESS THREATS’ is a nationwide survey report that delves into public attitudes and evaluates the risks associated with mosquito-borne diseases. By such initiatives, our goal is to heighten awareness regarding the mosquito problem in India, enable families to act, and offer affordable yet innovative solutions to the country. In India, more than 40 million citizens are affected by mosquito-borne diseases like malaria, dengue, annually. Absenteeism from work, school, social and professional commitments due to illness, healthcare expenses, and reduced productivity, all contribute to economic losses. To maintain the productivity of the Indian economy and keep the GDP score ticking, what is needed on the ground is a steady and healthy workforce. One of the pragmatic ways of addressing this will be to resolve the rising trend of mosquito-borne diseases.”

Another noteworthy insight from the Goodnight survey is that mosquitoes significantly contribute to people’s inability to sleep well.  Across India, on average, one out of every two adults (50%) identified mosquitoes as amongst the main reason for their sleep disturbances. Interestingly, West India (56%) agree with this statement the most followed by North (52%), South (47%) and East (42%). Furthermore, men (54%) are more inclined to agree with this sentiment compared to women (46%).


Commenting on the insights from the Goodknight report, Dr. Kirti Sabnis, Infectious Disease Specialist, Fortis Hospital, Mulund, Mumbai, said, “It is critical to understand that a single mosquito possesses the potential to transmit life-threatening diseases. These diminutive, buzzing insects are the silent culprits behind the insidious spread of ailments such as dengue, malaria, and a host of other conditions. They can debilitate the immune system, rendering individuals vulnerable to other illnesses. This persistent threat not only compromises our health but also hampers our ability to lead healthy and productive lives. Safeguarding against mosquito-borne diseases transcends personal responsibility; it is a collective duty we owe to ourselves and our communities.”

Goodknight is actively engaged in raising public awareness about the dangers posed by mosquitoes and contributing to the national fight against these harmful insects. It has a long history of providing innovative mosquito repellent solutions like the Flash vapouriser and the Advanced Fast Card, protecting families from mosquito-borne diseases. Recognizing the recent health risks of illegal, unregulated, and Chinese chemical-laced mosquito repellent incense sticks, Goodknight recently launched India’s first government-approved, anti-mosquito incense stick, the Goodknight Agarbatti. This innovative product offers consumers a safe alternative to chemical-laden Chinese imports. The launch serves as a call to action, urging stakeholders to collaborate in the ongoing battle against mosquitoes and ensure a healthier future for India.

Please find appended link to the detailed report: Goodknight Report: One Mosquito, Countless Threat

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