You Broadband India Facing Consistent Problems with Internet Network & Connectivity Since A Long Time

Pune City 15th October 2021: You Broadband India is Continuously Facing Internet Problem Since a Long Time in City Area & Company is failing to give uninterrupted and decent internet service.
Complaints raised using their app are not getting solved for long durations. Whenever someone tries to raise a complaint, the app always says “Engineer not found in your area.”

Those who had taken 100 or 200 MBPS speed plan are getting Download & Upload speed of 1 to 10 MBPS Only.

Few of the Company employees have started WhatsApp groups, but no employee responds to their client’s problems and leaves the issue unresolved.

Their engineers close complaints without visiting or solving issues.


People in the City area are saying “You Broadband is cheating, they’re not giving proper service. Whenever there’s a problem, it is never fixed on time….”

Here are few screenshots about what You Broadband clients have said about them

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