Alliance Air Starts Flight Between Pune And Hyderabad

In line with our commitment to bolster regional connectivity, Alliance Air, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AI Assets Holding Limited is all set to commence direct flight operations connecting multiple key destinations.

Effective 27th March 2022, Alliance Air will operate new flights Delhi – Lucknow – Delhi (Daily), Hyderabad- Vijayawada- Hyderabad (Daily), Hyderabad – Pune – Hyderabad (Daily) Hyderabad- Goa- Hyderabad (Daily), Kolkata-Ranchi-Kolkata and Bengaluru- Kochi-Bengaluru.

Flight 9I 885 will depart Delhi at 1950 hrs and arrive in Lucknow at 2120 hrs further departing Lucknow at 2150 hrs and arrive in Delhi at 2320 hrs.

Flight 9I 888 will depart from Hyderabad at 0800hrs and arrive in Vijayawada at 0900hrs further departing Vijayawada at 0925hrs and arrive in Hyderabad at 1020hrs.

Flight 9I 867 will depart from Hyderabad at 1850hrs and arrive in Pune at 2100hrs further departing Pune at 2130hrs and arrive in Hyderabad at 2300hrs.

Flight 9I 897 will depart from Hyderabad at 1100hrs and arrive in Goa at 1245hrs further departing Goa at 1315hrs and arrive in Hyderabad at 1500hrs.

Flight 9I 760 will depart from Kolkata at 1815hrs and arrive in Ranchi at 1930hrs further departing Ranchi at 1955hrs and arrive in Kolkata at 2115hrs.

Flight 9I 521 will depart from Bengaluru at 1830hrs and arrive in Kochi at 1950hrs further departing Kochi at 2030hrs and arrive in Bengaluru at 2155hrs. The airline will deploy its 70 seater aircraft in all sectors.

Alliance Air is delighted to strengthen its unparalleled domestic network giving more flying options to our customers. These flights will not only improve regional accessibility but also promote trade and commerce through direct connections & increased mobility at affordable fares. These flights will give the comfort of hassle free-flying experience for travelers on the lookout for new and affordable flying options.

Alliance Air is celebrating the multiple launches by announcing attractive all-inclusive one-way fares starting at INR 2753/- on the Delhi-Lucknow route, INR 2984 on Hyderabad – Vijayawada route, INR 2254 on Hyderabad- Goa, INR 3351 on Hyderabad-Pune route, INR 2698 on Kolkata –Ranch route & INR 1998 at Bengaluru-Kochi route. It is the constant endeavor of Alliance Air to widen its ambit and soar higher connecting India & beyond. To book tickets and know more about our various promotional offers log on to or contact any of our travel partners.

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