Fulcrum Digital inputs | World Environment Day

Rajesh Sinha, Chairman, and Founder, Fulcrum Digital

Rajesh Sinha, Chairman, and Founder, Fulcrum Digital said “All of us, through our choices, shape the environment. At Fulcrum Digital, our responsibilities lie not only with stakeholders but also with the environment. This World Environment Day, in line with the theme of ‘Ecosystem restoration’, we are initiating a series of sustainable practices across our offices. These include installing oxygen generating plants to create a better work environment, transitioning to LED lights and solar-powered streetlights outside the premises, and taking conscious steps to reduce plastic consumption. As a tech company, we are also conscious of e-waste disposal and have some stringent measures in place. These initiatives are small steps towards our larger goal of reducing our carbon footprint and digitally impacting lives.”

Sustainable/environment-friendly practices initiated at Fulcrum Digital include:

  • Installing 250 oxygen generating indoor plants in our Pune and Mumbai offices to enable a better work environment 
  • Shifting to energy-efficient technology across all offices. This includes shifting to LED lights and installing solar-powered streetlights outside the premises
  • In the last 18 months, we have reduced our plastic consumption by 12240 bottles. We are replacing all our regular toilet paper rolls globally with environmentally friendly bamboo toilet paper
  • Setting up a sewage treatment plant to treat approximately 10,000 liters of wastewater and use it for our washrooms and gardens
  • Recycling laptops and gadgets on a regular basis in compliance with e-waste disposal laws

 About Fulcrum Digital:

It partners with global companies from diverse industries, including banking and financial services, insurance, higher education, and food services. With expertise in digital transformation, machine learning, and emerging technologies, it offers a consulting-led, integrated suite of enterprise-grade software products, services, and solutions.

Fulcrum Digital has been in the industry for 20+ years. As an expeditious company, it continuously adapts and matures its practice, striving to become the leading authority on digital transformation in the global marketplace. Fulcrum Digital has over 1200 employees, empowering more than 100 global clients from its facilities in the US, LATAM, Europe, and India.

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