Godrej Aerospace delivers landmark 200th set of BrahMos airframe assemblies

  • Achieves the remarkable feat of manufacturing 100 complex airframes in just three and a half years
  • Credits the teamwork and leadership of mentors from DRDO, BrahMos & MSQAA for this milestone achievement

 Mumbai, 28 September 2021: Godrej & Boyce, the flagship company of the Godrej Group, announced today that its business Godrej Aerospace handed over the 200th set of the stealth universal supersonic cruise missile airframe assemblies to BrahMos Aerospace Pvt. Ltd. (BAPL) for use in its missile systems. This will further enhance India’s national security through self-reliance. Each airframe of the BrahMos missile consists of 138 complicated subassemblies that are manufactured from more than 1500 parts.

The handover ceremony took place virtually and was attended by key leaders and mentors from Godrej & Boyce, BrahMos Aerospace Pvt. Ltd, Defence Research & Development Laboratory (DRDL), and Missile Systems Quality Assurance Agency (MSQAA).

Commenting on the milestone achievement by Godrej Aerospace, Anil Verma, Executive Director & President, Godrej & Boyce said, “It brings me immense joy to hand over the 200th BrahMos airframe today. The credits to achieving this milestone go to teamwork and contribution by the entire team including officers from BrahMos, scientists from DRDL, representatives from MSQAA, and the Godrej Aerospace team. It is a matter of virtue for us to undertake work that enhances national security. The roots of Godrej & Boyce are based on self-reliance. Hence, it is an honor for us to contribute to the growth of the country. We assure complete support to BrahMos, MSQAA, and DRDO and are looking forward to upscale the production to reach bigger milestones in the coming future”.

Dr. Sudhir Mishra acknowledged the milestone in manufacturing advanced missiles and encouraged Godrej to channelize its focus on design & development. On behalf of BrahMos, he extended his support and gratitude to Godrej.

Dr. Sudhir Mishra, Distinguished Scientist & Director General (BrahMos), CEO & MD BrahMos Aerospace said, “Godrej is one of the major trusted partners of the BrahMos Industry Consortium and we are honored to have worked together in the contribution of this endeavor. This project is not merely an achievement in the production and development of the most advanced missiles but also is a prominent assertion of the Make-in-India narrative. We hope to continue to set such benchmarks in the development and production of sophisticated weapon systems by growing our partnership with Godrej & Boyce.”

The BrahMos missile is a stealth universal supersonic cruise missile that can be launched from ships, submarines, aircraft, and land-based platforms. It can be used for a precision strike to destroy targets on land and sea.

Godrej Aerospace has been associated with the BrahMos program since its inception in 2001. Godrej Aerospace is a dominant contributor manufacturing most of the metallic sub-systems in the BrahMos missile. Besides the main airframe, they supply control surfaces and nose caps. Godrej & Boyce’s business Godrej Precision Engineering also supplies the Mobile Autonomous Launchers, Missile Replenishing Vehicles for the land launched versions.

About Godrej & Boyce

Godrej & Boyce (‘G&B’), a Godrej Group Company, was founded in 1897 and has contributed to India’s journey of self-reliance through manufacturing. G&B patented the world’s first spring less lock and since then, has diversified into 14 businesses across various sectors from Security, Furniture, Aerospace to Infrastructure and Defence. Godrej is one of India’s most trusted brands serving over 1.1bn customers worldwide daily. For more information visit www.godrej.com.

About the BrahMos missile:

The BrahMos missile is a supersonic cruise missile with a flight range of up to 290 km. It carries a conventional warhead weighing 200 – 300 kilos. It can cruise at an altitude as high as 15 km and as low as 10 m above the ground and maintains supersonic speed (more than 1 km per second) throughout the duration of its flight. Once the BrahMos missile is fired, it doesn’t need any further guidance from a control center. This makes it a ‘Fire and Forget’ missile.

The BrahMos missile is highly versatile and can be launched from positions on land, in air, or water to seek and destroy targets on land and on water. Its sheer speed makes it a highly lethal weapon. Its pinpoint accuracy helps minimize collateral damage. The first successful launch of a BrahMos missile took place on June 12th, 2001 from a land-based launcher at the interim test range off the Chandipur coast of Orissa.

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