Holi 2021 – Make your skin and hair Holi-proof with pre and post Holi tips

Authored by - Dr. Shireen Furtado, Consultant - Medical & Cosmetic Dermatology, Aster CMI Hospital

Holi is just around the corner and being one of the most vibrant festivals in India, it is celebrated with much fanfare by the communities, across the world. The joy of getting drenched in hues of blue, pink, and yellow colors is above all. However, there’s no denying the fact that being in the sun for long and playing Holi with organic and harsh chemical colors can have a detrimental impact on one’s hair and skin to a great extent.

These colors and chemicals can prove extremely dangerous and might cause rashes and acne breakouts by penetrating the top layers of your skin. Hence, if you are eagerly waiting for the festival of colors but are also worried about the aftermath on your skin and hair then it is of utmost importance to take proper care of your hair and skin before you head out to play Holi. Here’s a list of easy tips that can come to your rescue for prepping up your skin and hair so that you can enjoy Holi while minimizing the damage.

Pre- Holi Tips

  • Ice cubes:  Apply Ice Cubes before applying anything and massage your face with them for about 10 minutes as ice cubes have the ability to close the open pores. Apply organic oil or sunscreen once this is done. Doing this will keep acne at bay.
  • Almond Oil:  It is a rich source of vitamin E and provides nourishment to the skin and acts as a protective layer between the skin and the colors. Therefore, by applying almond oil to your entire body, you can prevent the color from penetrating your skin. 
  • Sunscreen: As you will be under constant exposure to the sun, your risk of tanning increases. In order to avoid tanning, one must apply a waterproof sunscreen moisturizer as it can protect your skin to a great extent.
  • Coconut Oil: Coconut oil prevents the hair from getting dry and frizzy which prevents them from damaging. It is always recommended to wash your hair before Holi to maintain the overall health of your hair.

Post Holi skincare

Once you are done playing Holi, you need to give your skin and hair some TLC so that it can recover from any damage that has been caused to it. As you have already followed the pre-Holi skincare, the damage will be comparatively lesser than usual, but even so, you need to do some post-Holi skincare rituals.

How to remove Holi color from your face –

To remove any color, the first step is to wash your face with a cleanser. It is important to remember to splash cold water instead of hot or lukewarm water as it makes it difficult to get rid of the color. You can also use a foaming face wash as it will be better suited as it will help in getting the color off. Apply it and lather for 30 seconds before you wash off your face.

The second step is to use a cotton ball dipped in coconut oil and apply it on your face and let it stay for 5 minutes and then again use a foaming face wash. Since your skin is bound to feel a bit dry after this, apply a moisturizing lotion.

Avoid using too much makeup

As your skin has been exposed to a lot of colors the entire day, hence, it is best to avoid wearing too much makeup as the chemicals that are present in your cosmetics can react with the colors further causing a skin reaction. Hence, one should avoid the use of heavy foundation and too many products on the same day and once the color wears off from your skin you can go back to your makeup routine.

Consult a dermatologist in case the skin is reacting adversely

If you have very sensitive skin, then there are chances that your skin can react adversely and this can result in redness, irritation, or breakouts. If this happens to you post Holi, it is best to consult a dermatologist rather than trying to treat it on your own at home. Self-treatment without any consultation can cause you more damage than good in the process and make it worse for your skin. Let the expert analyze your skin condition and suggest an appropriate treatment to control the situation.

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