Shri Trimbakeshwar is situated in the district Nashik of Maharashtra state, Near this is the mountain named Brahmagiri from which the river named Godavari flows. What importance Ganga is ascribed to the North India, the same importance is given to Godavari in south India. It is the penance of the great sage Rishi Gautama that materialized on being blessed by Lord Ashutosh. Just as Ganga is known as Bhagirathi in the same way, Godavari is also known as Gautami Ganga. The construction of the temple was done in the Nagara style of architecture. It is surrounded by a massive stone wall and adorned with many sculptures. The structure today is a result of reconstruction done during the 18th century by the Peshwa Balaji Bajirao.

The sanctum tower is crowned with a giant amalaka and a golden kalasha. Inside a marble of Shiva's mount the bull Nandi, can be found.. On the request of all the Gods, Lord Shiva resided by the river Gautami by the name Trimbakeshwar (one of the Jyotirlingas.). This Jyotirlinga named Trimbak, is the one which fulfills everyone’s desires. It emancipates all from their sins and miseries.

How to reach ?

By Road : Bombay-Trimbakeshwar 180 kmNashik-Trimbakeshwar 28 km State Transportbuses ply between Nashik-Trimbakeshwar frequently. 

By Rail : Nearest railhead is NashikRoad 44 km on Central Railway. 

By Air :Nearest airport is Nashik 39km.

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