IDFC Mutual Fund Ad #DateyRaho Celebrates Those Who Stayed The Course

Bengaluru, July 15, 2021: IDFC Mutual Fund’s latest digital advert highlights the success of those who persevered even though the pandemic and the lockdown made them doubt themselves. In the first quarter of FY21, financial markets were in turmoil, and most investors were worried about the state of their current investments and how they will perform in the future. The advert especially salutes the Indian investors who were resilient and disciplined in their wealth creation process and reaped rewards with positive returns for staying their course.

Highlighting the takeaway for investors, Gaurab Parija, Head – Marketing & Sales, IDFC AMC said that, “Investors who showed patience during the tough times by not redeeming from equity markets but continuing to invest via SIP significantly benefitted and generated significant returns over the past one year. The focus of the advert is to let everyone know that while the pandemic may have made us reevaluate a lot of things in our lives, those who followed their passion and goals have managed to adapt and come out stronger and better. ”

IDFC Mutual Fund’s #DateyRaho new video –, showcases the struggles of a budding footballer, an advisor, a teacher, a doctor, and an investor during the lockdown and how by focusing on their goals, their growth path, their passion, and their belief they managed to overcome their challenges and came out better off. Last year, the #DateyRaho campaign conducted by IDFC Mutual Fund

#DateyRaho (Hindi)  

#DateyRaho (English)–

encouraged investors to stay the course even when the market was volatile. Those who took heed and stayed invested benefited immensely. 

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