Indians opted for Bigger TVs, more Soundbars and went Wireless in 2021

‘Croma’s 2021 Unboxed’ provides a ringside view of consumer electronics and digital preferences

December 28, 2021, Mumbai: Croma, India’s first omnichannel electronics retailer, unveiled consumer electronics shopping trends for the year gone by, on its web store and its nationwide stores. Titled ‘Croma’s 2021 Unboxed’, it decodes the key consumer trends observed, based on shopping behavior at Croma stores and on

Some of the key trends highlighted were:

  • Digital channels grew four times faster than offline channels, indicating acceleration in digital adoption by the consumer
  • Smartphones: Blue toppled Black as the most sought-after smartphone color of 2021 with 4 out of 10 consumers opting for the color of the Indian cricket team
  • TVs: India went big with 55” inch TVs clocking the highest growth, as home-centered to become the primary entertainment hub for families
  • Audio: Soundbar was the fastest-growing home audio gadget this year, beating out more complex speaker systems as the go-to sound accessory for consumers
  • Washing Machines: Indians washed clothes equal to the weight of 22,000 dinosaurs during the year, with health and hygiene continuing to top consumer concerns
  • Grooming: Indian men turned out to be far more concerned about their appearances with 13 men buying grooming products for every woman purchaser – Can Mr. Universe title be far behind?
  • Gaming: The PS5 console bagged the title of the ‘Most Elusive gadget’, with huge global demand and chip shortages playing havoc with supplies
  • Kitchen Appliances: For a tea-loving nation, coffee was on the up – Coffee maker purchases went up by 2x
  • Advantage Accessories: Consumers bought 20 adaptors every hour, reflecting the heightened use of digital devices in a population that continued to work and learn remotely
  • The ‘Quit Wire Movement’ is on the rise, with 25% of consumers opting for Truly Wireless earphones, thereby reducing the use of wires equivalent to the length of Goa’s coastline – convenient & climate-friendly!
  • ‘Burp to Burpees’ trend going strong with 2x consumers buying fitness wearables compared to microwaves

Mr. Avijit Mitra, MD & CEO, Croma said: “2021 Unboxed is our attempt to capture fast-changing digital aspiration of consumers across India during the past 12 months. We intend to make this an annual feature. 2021 was characterized by an acute shortage of bestseller stocks due to various macro factors. Despite this, the growth witnessed post the lifting of lockdown has been exceptionally strong. The festive season witnessed unprecedented volumes which is an encouraging sign for the future to come. Croma customers 

upgraded to bigger and better devices, aided by strong affordability solutions and omnichannel capabilities. We are also committed to supporting the emerging trend of consumers adopting sustainable and responsible consumption as the world recognizes the threat of environmental hazards.’

Mr. Shibashish Roy, Chief Business Officer – eCommerce & Marketing, Croma said, “With our extensive range in-store and online, Croma has always helped customers choose the right product for their needs, be it a gadget, an appliance, or accessory and provided greater confidence through our lifetime assurance services. 2021 Unboxed provides a platform to share a ringside view of this year’s digital lifestyle changes and reiterate the fast pace of digital adoption.” 

2021 Unboxed – City Highlights:

Croma’s 2021 Unboxed revealed that regional and urban-specific cultures play a significant role in influencing consumer choices in electronics:

  • Gaming: Mumbaikars topped the list of most gaming laptops purchased this year
  • Dishwashers: Bangaloreans bought the most dishwashers this year
  • Table fans: Hyderabad bought the most table fans in 2021
  • Flour mills: Ahmedabad seems to prefer making its flour, with Amdavadis topping the flour mill purchase league
  • Warranties: Kolkata bought the maximum number of gadgets together with extended warranties

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