Invented for a better life, Bosch Power Tools launch the user campaign for cordless products, ‘Cordless matlab BOSCH’ across the country

Experience cordless power tools at dedicated experience zones across select channel partners in India with Bosch cordless power tools

  • Bosch Power Tools, established in India in 1993, launch a first-of-its-kind user contact program “Bosch matlab Cordless” in collaboration with select channel partners in India.
  • The aim is to enable users to get hands-on experience to their innovative cordless power tools range with autonomous experience zones across select channel partner outlets nationally.
  • Users can also solicit BOSCH experts to engage with their teams and workmen for value added services like application consulting, training, service support or even customised service support evaluation.

Bangalore, India: Bosch Power Tools India, a market leader in the power tools segment that offers a complete range of power tools for construction, woodworking and the metalworking industry, recently launched consumer experience zones across select channel partner outlets in India. Bosch Power Tools India launched these experience zones under their campaign “Bosch Matlab Cordless” with the aim to enable tradesmen to get a hands-on experience of cordless power tools.

Bosch Power Tools
Bosch Power Tools launch the user campaign for cordless products, ‘Cordless matlab BOSCH’ across the country

A revolution in the industry, the cordless range of power tools enable tradesmen and blue collar workers to work flexibily without the constraints of wires or cables without compromising on efficiency, power and offers additional benefits of safety and great ergonomics. Lithium-ion battery powered screwdriver, the Bosch Go, with push and go functionality is 4X more convenient than the existing screwdrivers and one of Bosch’s innovative offerings in cordless. The range also includes cordless power drill drivers, high power impact wrenches, robust hammer drills, high speed impact drills, ABR enabled impact drivers and flexible drill drivers and more. The tools are designed to be as close to the shape and size of a manual design in order to help the Indian user leapfrog from manual effort to effortless working with minimal discomfort.

Commenting on the occasion, Panish PK, Regional Business Director – India and SAARC – Bosch Power Tools said, “Cords limit the area of operation, resulting in constraints imposed by the length of wire and the accessibility to an electric receptacle. The idea behind the range of cordless offerings from Bosch power tools is to resolve the hindrances and inconveniences of wired tools faced by tradesmen and workers. With the ‚Bosch Matlab Cordless‘ campaign, Bosch power tools aims to transform the lives of thousands of tradesmen across the country who depend on their power tools for a livelihood.“

He further adds, “India’s real estate and construction sector is undergoing a paradigm shift due to reformative and transformative projects undertaken by the government and private segments. We, at Bosch Power Tools India believe that individuals should be empowered and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment because these are the men who create visions in to reality at the operational level.”

Beginning its operations in 1993, founded on the principle of “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering”, the company has always provided its users with affordable solutions for a better life.”Completing 25 years of operations in India, Bosch Power Tools has achieved multiple milestones in the industry introducing innovations and best in class products and will continue on this journey of invention and development. As the customer base grows, Bosch Power Tools works with their people and partners to create new opportunities, advanced tools aiding the Indian Machine Industry in the years to follow.

The cordless range of Bosch Power Tools are available for a demonstration and sales in majority of channel partner outlets across India.

Price and availability:

· The products are also available immediately on Amazon and Flipkart

· ‘Bosch Power Tools cordless range will be available at dealer stores across India.

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