MasterChef Australia’s Brendan Pang Cooks at Hyatt Pune

Hyatt Pune’s Baan Tao is a classic for a Thai and Chinese fine dining experience. From delectable Sushi to Dim Sum and Khao Suey, Baan Tao embarks on a culinary odyssey across the diverse flavors of Asia.

In a remarkable collaboration, Baan Tao joined forces with ‘World on a Plate’ and ‘Mercedes-Benz Silver Star Pune’, on the 8th and 9th of July to host an exclusive gastronomic event that transformed the space into a haven for food enthusiasts, combining innovative gastronomy with a vibrant atmosphere.

Chinese Mauritian Chef, Brendan Pang, delighted guests with his expertise and unconventional dishes. The pop-up brought together culinary enthusiasts, influencers, and media personalities. During an engaging masterclass, participants gained insight into the artistry behind the scenes of these tantalizing dishes.

The enchanting ambiance at Baan Tao was unforgettable as well. Set against the backdrop of a breathtaking 21-foot waterfall, bathed in the warm glow of captivating red ambient lighting, the restaurant provided an immersive dining experience that truly left a lasting impression.

Baan Tao has more in store for its patrons, with upcoming chef collaborations and new menus in the pipeline. Prepare to be amazed as Baan Tao continues to push boundaries and deliver extraordinary dining experiences that will leave you craving for more.

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