Pune City

Know everything about Pune.

The name pune has its origin from the copper plates dated 758 and 768 A.D. At that time this area or region was ruled bye the rashtrakutas.In the Copper plates of 758 A.D. it is named as punya Vishaya where as in the copper plate of 768 A.D. it is named as punaka vishaya.Vishaya means region, a grographical area. In the copper plate of 993 A.D. It is named as punaka desha.Later on it was refered to as punekavadi.Punevadi, kasabe Pune.Therirwas temple of punyeshwara on the bank of mutha. Saint namdev (1270 – 1350) visited this temple. Poona gazetter emplains that this city is situated on the confluence of mula and mutha rivers. The confluence / sangam of two rivers is called as punya. Hence the name pune.It is also refered to as punyanagari.

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