Rare Jewels celebrates 1st anniversary with the launch of ‘The Rare Fleur Collection’

The most requested and await collection by Rare Jewels, a Ranka legacy

Pune, August 21, 2020: Rare Jewels, a Ranka legacy completes its 1st year and celebrates it with the launch of a new collection called the ‘The Rare Fleur Collection. The collection is elegantly minimalistic for casual occasions such a soiree, brunch with friends, and a celebratory evening with family among others.

Inspired by the beauty of flowers, this collection imbues modern and contemporary designs with distinguishing characteristics. It provides a window into the world of artistic jewellery reflecting refined quality, exquisite craftsmanship, and creativity. Introducing new shapes and styles with futuristic uncut designs, the collection includes lightweight pieces with open settings. Among other precious gemstones, Pearls and corals in the Rare Fleur Collection are masterfully placed over extraordinary chokers, necklaces, bangles, and earrings.

Rare Jewels
Rare Jewels celebrates 1st anniversary with the launch of ‘The Rare Fleur Collection’

“As Rare Jewels completes one year, I would like to thank our customers for reposing trust and faith in our brand. It is our valued clients who truly embody and epitomize the spirit of Rare Jewels. It is for them and their request for a Fleur Collection’ that we carefully and thoughtfully designed this collection. ”, said Vastupal Ranka, Director, Rare Jewels- A Ranka Legacy.

Being one of the trusted names in Pune and across Maharashtra, Vastupal Ranka’s brand Rare Jewels consistently aim to provide their customers with sophisticated and exclusive jewellery that has high aspirational value. With an array of distinctive designs and timeless elegance, the collection of fine designs featuring the rich urban heritage is within a luxurious budget. This alluring collection would appeal to women of all age groups and help them bring out the essence of their true being.

With customer delight at its core, Rare Jewels remains committed to bringing patrons a quintessential shopping experience through its newly launched website and virtual shopping experience. The new collection along with a consultation for any occasion can be possible virtually for the safety and convenience of the customers.

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