Methodist Marathi Church

         American Methodist Missionary  Mr. William Tailor came to Pune on 14th September 1872. But Methodist Church was started in the house of Mr. Anglow Desuza on the golden day of 28th September 1872. The dedication of the old building of the church was done by Rev. John Blackstone on 19th June 1886. The new Oldham Memorial Church was dedicated on 27th June 1971. The present Building is furnished by glass images fitted on the windows. It attracts the worshiper. The Window grills in the church tell about the works of the Saints. Cross on the Pulpit, the Alfa & Omega on its table, Greek Cross on the wall opposite to the pulpit and 7-light 'Jhumber' are the things to be watched in this church.

Address : Methodist Marathi Church, Opp. Hotel Grand Darbar, East Street, Pune-1.

The Church Of The Holy Name (Pavitra Naam Devalaya) 

         This Church Will Stand Till The Second Coming" this is what Sadhu Sunder Singh said about this Church when he visited it in 1917. The construction of the Church was completed in 1885. The construction is of basilica type, made of bricks and also very attractive. This Church itself reveals the glory of God. 130 feet high Bell Tower of this Church adds to the beauty and prosperity of the Church. It is the Only Tower in South Asia which has 8 Bells. These bells are made by Tailor & Sons Co. in Lafbarro. " Holy Name Of Jesus " are the words carved on it. It is a must see place in Pune.

Address : The Church Of The Holy Name, 4, Guruwar Peth, Punch Haudh, Pune-42.

Christ Church

   Christ Church is said to be the biggest Church in Maharashtra and there are about 2000 members of the Church. A missionary from Scotland established this Church in 1831. Previously the worship used to take place in the bungalows of the missionaries, schools and after that in a rented hall in Sachapeer Street. As the Church grew up in numbers the hall wasn't sufficient for all. Hence in 1895 the present day Church was built. Number of members increased and the expansion of the Church took place in 1979. In 1989 the Church started a Nursery School in its compound which has now turned into a High School.

Address : Christ Church, 381, Rasta Peth, Pune-11.

All Saints Church 

         The Church was consecrated on 29th October 1869 during the British regime. The Governor of that time used to come to this Church. The Flags of those times are still preserved. Beautiful colored designs are made on the glasses. Glasses are imported from Belgium. wood for the Doors, Windows and other wooden articles was imported from Burma. The entire Church except the Pulpit is made up of stones. Birth, Death, Marriage and Baptism registers are all available since 1869. The ancient structure of the Church is worth watching. There are English, Marthoma, Malalam and Marathi language services in the Churches.

Address : All Saints Church, Mumbai - Pune Road, Khadki, Pune- 3.

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