Sonata Multifunctions: A range of diverse watches with differentiated sub-dials, high functionality and remarkable designs

Sonata launches it’s first-ever series of multi functional watches for men and women

Bangalore, March 31, 2021: Sonata, India’s largest-selling watch brand presents its first-ever collection of Multifunction watches for men and women. The new range amalgamates style and functionality into one bold timepiece.

Sonata presents high-quality, multi-functional, and stylish watches in a variety of designs. Sonata Multifunctions feature uniquely designed sub-dials for Day, Date, & Second’s functionalities. With a wide range of designs, Sonata brings 24 watches for men and women, there is a watch for everyone in this collection.

As a brand, Sonata strives to listen to the consumers’ needs and fulfill those needs in style. We are pleased to present Sonata Multifunctions, a collection for the young and dynamic consumer who is always on the move. The collection takes cues from the latest in fashion, combines it with high functionality and utility. This collection offers s a range of stunning designs, fit for multiple occasions and at unbeatable prices. ” said Mr. Subish S, Marketing Head, Sonata

Sonata launches it’s first-ever series of multifunctional watches for men and women



The Sonata Multifunction watches are a unique combination of style and functionality. These watches feature Day, Date, and Second’s functionalities on the sub-dials, creating a range of fashionable and formal looks. This stunning collection is a perfect addition to your OOTD look- fashion or formal and ranges from INR 1999 to INR 2799.

The women’s watches in the Multifunction series present a range of watches with striking elements. Pick your statement piece: be it stunning bi-metal bracelets and dials, anthracite mesh straps, embellished dials, or knurled bezels. Each of the watches is glamorous with a modernist appeal, and exactly what you need to make your days from good to great.

The men’s Multifunction watches are a unique combination of features, contrasting styles, and attractive prices. These statement timepieces with superior quality and iconic design elements add a signature style statement and leave a lasting impression. Signature designs along with a plethora of great features make these watches ideal for all occasions and elevate your look. Make most of every moment with stylish watches with sporty accents and remarkable dial features.

The Men’s watches feature bold contrasting designs and suave combinations in both stainless steel and leather straps, across 12 Variants priced between INR 2399 to INR 2699.

About Sonata:

Sonata is India’s largest selling watch brand, from Titan Company Ltd., a TATA group company. It has established itself as a brand of great quality and unbeatable value for the customer. The brand has an annual sales volume of over 5 million watches and is sold through a strong retail network of over 6,000 dealers across the country. Every watch purchased comes with the TATA guarantee.

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