Soumita illuminates World Art Day with Freedom of Art

World Art Day, an international event of fine arts, is celebrated on 15 April. The day was adopted by the International Association of Art, a partner of UNESCO, to create awareness of creative activity worldwide. World Art Day was celebrated on this day in 2012 and the date – 15 April – was chosen in honor of Leonardo da Vinci’s birth anniversary. World Art Day was officially held for the first time in the City of Los Angeles in 2015. Different art-related events, worship, and exhibitions are conducted on this day and the last week-long sometimes to sing the praise of this auspicious day. Due to the second wave of covid-19, the neo-normalized life in most of the cities is undergoing restrictive measures.

World Art Day with Freedom of Art

Social distancing rigidity is resuming once again. Keeping this in mind Soumita Saha come up with the solo virtual Exhibition Freedom of Art. Freedom of Art not only features some of her already renowned work but also features sine new work amongst which ‘Monon a Robi’ an artwork depicting Tagore is mention-worthy. Soumita’s Solo Exhibitions Imagining Neverland and Nari Katha earned huge appreciation. ‘Freedom of Art‘ conveys the praise of freedom that touches the canvas to make Art. Soumita says ” A single day to sing the praise of art is too less, those who are associated with art we inhale the essence of art, dream in the colors of art. But yes for the patrons of art there must be a day to celebrate Art.”

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