23rd June 2021: Tanishq, India’s most trusted jewellery brand from the house of Tata has announced the re-opening of its vast retail network of 356 stores across 216 towns in a phased-wise manner in compliance with all the regulations as mandated by various state governments.

As the nation emerges from a second lockdown with the long-awaited return of non-essential retailing, Tanishq makes a re-commitment towards safety by ensuring care for all its stakeholders – customers, employees and the ecosystem at large including the Karigar community. Tanishq has launched new safety standards to ensure a safe and seamless customer shopping experience across all touchpoints. Under its ‘Gold standard 2.0’ safety umbrella which represents the highest level of safety protocols across all stores, here are all the refined and expansive in-store health and safety measures to enable a safer shopping experience at Tanishq:


With reiterating its pledge of being the safest stores in town, Tanishq has taken up deep cleaning measures, deployed advanced technology air purifiers to filter out viruses and bacteria. The brand firmly adheres to the practice of double masking/ N95 masks mandatory for in-store employees and customers, introduced advanced foot sanitising mats and encourages usage of Pulse Oximeter and UVC chambers for sanitizing jewellery and customer’s personal belongings like wallets, keys etc. Tanishq has reopened 294 retail outlets out of the 356 stores across the country and has inoculated 100% of its retail staff where the stores have been reopened. A limited number of customers will be allowed at any given point in time depending on the store size and number of retail staff present in the store.


On the product front, Tanishq has recently introduced Antimicrobial jewellery in certain markets as a pilot project. Antimicrobial jewellery is available in stores across Chennai and Lucknow. Tanishq will be soon initiating the launch in Kolkata, Hyderabad followed by other key markets. The antimicrobial jewellery is present in certain categories like chains and rings which has a specially coated layer that self-disinfects the surface and further prevents any microbial growth.  Customers also have an option to use a hybrid model to select their favourite jewellery either through Appointment booking or Video call. They can select their jewellery either through Virtual Try-On or on Endless aisle and pay from the safe confines of their homes by using the safe payment option of ‘Pay from Home’* and get ‘Home delivery’* of products.

* Subject to compliance with regulations laid down by State and Central Govt.


Continuing its efforts to safeguard Tanishq’s employees, karigars and community as a whole with unconditional positivity, Tanishq is providing support by conducting vaccination drives for employees, karigars and vendor karigars on a war footing. Encouraging daily steam inhalation, breathing exercises, SPO2 level check for retail staff and initiating Mental and Physical wellbeing for Employees through online Yoga programcounselling sessions and conducting wellness workshops. The brand is also supporting its community by setting up Rapid Response Teams and Local Support Groups in different parts of the country which will help employees in their hour of need for hospitalization, oxygen support, medicines and quarantine support. The Hospitalization Insurance Plan has been extended to include coverage of COVID-19 to all employees and franchisee staff and a special cover is taken to consider hospitalization of trainees and contract/ agency staff.

Speaking at the staggered re-opening of stores, Mr Ajoy Chawla, CEO- Jewellery Division, Titan Company Limited said “Wave 2 has impacted many more people and highlighted the need for even more stringent safety measures. However, this time around besides zero compromise safety protocols, we now have availability of vaccines. As we reopen stores we are ensuring 100% of all store retail staff, including security and housekeeping, are vaccinated. Every single store is being operated by only those who have got at least one dose of the vaccination or are Covid warriors. We reiterate our pledge of being the safest stores in town. 

Besides vaccinations, we have introduced several new safety and health initiatives that are aimed at putting the well-being of people first, be it our frontline employees, our karigars, our customers or our business partners. Further, as a responsible corporate citizen, we are actively supporting local communities by providing easy access to essential items, vaccinations, medical care, logistics support and more.

Safety, care and rebuilding confidence is our biggest priority as we restart operations.”



Earlier in 2020, Tanishq had rolled out a ‘Gold Standard’ e-book to reiterate its commitment to the safety and well-being of customers and its employees. It covers all staff and customer touchpoints, entailing numerous safety measures, including contactless and convenient shopping options. To know more about the Covid-19 precautions at Tanishq, please visit: https://www.tanishq.co.in/covid-precautions

About Tanishq

Tanishq, India’s most-loved jewellery brand from the TATA Group, has been synonymous with superior craftsmanship, exclusive designs and guaranteed product quality for over two decades. It has built for itself the envious reputation of being the only jewellery brand in the country that strives to understand the Indian woman and provide her with jewellery that meets her traditional and contemporary aspirations and desires. Attesting to this commitment towards excellence, in 2019, Tanishq has been awarded the title of The Most Trusted Jewellery Brand in India by the Trust Research Advisory. To stress on their commitment to offering the purest jewellery, all Tanishq stores are equipped with the Karatmeter which enables customers to check the purity of their gold in the most efficient manner.

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