Tips to keep yourself fit and healthy

By Dr.Anand N S, Senior Consultant- Bariatric and General surgery, Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal

For most of us work means waking up early in the morning, getting dressed in hurry, having quick breakfast or skip it, rush to office, surviving the traffic nuisance and then carry on with office work and head back home.

This cycle of the day is now broken due to the quarantine situation which we are currently facing. People are adapting themselves to the new change in their daily routine.

While the young are missing their favourite food joints, cafes and shopping places, the elderly are missing their daily walks and chitchats and this scenario also applies to working from home people too.

Amidst this, there is a certain percent of crowd who is looking at the quarantine in a complete different perception. Staying away from pollution, eating only home cooked food, being at home and spending time with the family are the few perks that people are enjoying at the very moment.

All these new changes of staying in a confined place for a long time, can make our bodies stiff and lethargic. You don’t have to worry about being unable to go to the gym or exercise rigorously to make yourself healthy. You can just make the right use of the extra time and the resources which are available at home. Now the question remains how? Here are few health tips to keep yourself fit and active.

  • As there is no junk available, people are eating home cooked food. Keep the practise, it’s good to detox your body from the junk food.
  • Do passive exercises like- take the stairs, walk and talk on a call, go for a stroll (use your living space and balcony), the idea is to keep yourself moving
  • Meditate for 15 minutes every day, for a fresh mind
  • Eat loads of fruits and vegetables, as they contain micro nutrients they will help in building your immunity.
  • Reduce your food consumption, intake 2 rotis instead of 3.
  • As the situation is not easily accessible for supplies, take in extra supplements like vitamins and minerals
  • Take in more of citrus fruits and fibre foods, they help is building immunity against common flu and other upper respiratory diseases.
  • Take in lots of fluids, the more hydrated, the more it helps in building better immunity
  • Do not try any new exercises using social media platforms
  • Consume dry fruits and nuts in your first meal
  • Avoid eating fried and oily foods along with binge eating
  • Avoid processed foods
  • Avoid excessive sitting
  • Don’t be ideal, be creative.
  • Keep stretching yourself
  • Avoid too much of sugar and salt
  • Do yoga and Zumba at home to stay fit

Keep yourself rejuvenated by following these simple tips. Remember that exercises are not only for your physical health butit boosts mental wellbeing too.This quarantine make use of your extra time to make yourselves fit and healthy.

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