Umbr Tree: A whiff of freshness in the home fragrances sector

Bengaluru, February 10, 2021: Umbr Tree, Bengaluru-based fine home fragrances company has launched its exclusive line of natural fine fragrance candles. Manufactured in India using artisanal craftsmanship along with modern technologies and machinery of the world, Umbr Tree products do not use paraffin or petroleum by-products, free from animal ingredients, and use natural and organic ingredients only. All Umbr Tree fine fragrance candles are made using their proprietary all-natural wax blend of soy wax, coconut wax, beeswax, and palm wax. The products are free of any additives, dyes, preservatives, and other toxic chemicals.

Experts opine that indoor air quality in India is 10 times worse than outdoor air pollution. Shockingly, air pollution is the third highest cause of death in India, with 2 million premature deaths per year.  Paraffin candles further contribute to the indoor air pollution problem by emitting toxic particulate matter into the air resulting in health issues such as asthma and respiratory allergies. Therefore, it is essential to opt for candles that burn clean, emit no harmful chemicals or any soot, and are eco-friendly, higher in quality, and sustainable in nature. Keeping this in mind, Umbr Tree aims to create products that make every home and indoor space toxin-free.

Announcing the launch of the natural fine home fragrance brand, Ms. Sangeeta Nandy, Co-founder & Director, Umbr Tree said, “India is known for its abundant natural resources and its profound knowledge of nature. Surprisingly, the history of fragrance is rooted in our civilization. There is a need for the country to rediscover and innovate in order to lead in the global fragrance industry. And we, at Umbr Tree, are fuelled with the sole intention to provide the best home fragrances crafted to express the purity, diversity, and heritage of our country, India.”

Umbr Tree: A whiff of freshness in the home fragrances sector


 Umbr Tree aims to be the leader in the home fragrance industry in India and globally. The products are available at the online Umbr Tree store and offline with MiradorLife, a boutique lifestyle store in Bengaluru. Umbr Tree plans to expand its retail presence to other cities across India by this year. Umbr Tree’s launch products – ‘Vogue Collection’ and ‘Soul of India’ are fine fragrance candles available in traveler tins, elegant glass containers, and gift sets and have exclusive fragrances like Amber Oudh, Rose Clove, Dakshin Woods, Memoirs of Ziro, etc. “Umbr Tree was born by taking inspiration from experiences and experiments, and above all a passion for art, design, and travel. The idea was primarily to create a relaxing ambiance, and make homes smell amazing, warm, and inviting without compromising on the aspects that harm one’s health and environment”, said Mr. Syed Naqib Ahmed, Co-founder & Director, Umbr Tree. 

About Umbr Tree:

Umbr Tree is redefining the home fragrances industry with its luxurious refined scents crafted with stimulating perfume oils with a strong sense of beauty, history, and culture. A made-in India brand, Umbr Tree uses the highest quality, organic and toxin-free ingredients in its fine fragrance candles. Moreover, the ingredients are all ethically sourced from manufacturers within India hence minimizing their carbon footprint on the planet. Headquartered in Bengaluru, India the brand produces non-paraffin, ecologically sound, cruelty-free, and sustainable candles for the Indian as well as global markets. Currently, Umbr Tree offers 14 varieties of candles which are manufactured in the state-of-the-art unit in Doddaballapura, Bengaluru.

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