SkinKraft touches the right chord, encouraging every woman to be their “own” type with the launch of its first ever campaign, #Iammytype

Hyderabad, 3rd February 2021: India’s first AI-driven dermatologically approved customized brand,
SkinKraft has announced the launch of its first-ever campaign – #iammytype, to celebrate uniqueness
and debunk stereotypes. Every individual has their own distinct personality, set of religious beliefs, habits,
lifestyle, philosophies, political instincts, and professions, why should their skin and hair care be generic
and not tailored just for them.
Women today refuse to be bogged down by societal stereotypes and are out there to celebrate their
originality. SkinKraft Laboratories, India’s leading bespoke skin and hair care brand has launched its first
brand film which stands in solidarity with this. The film, “I am my type” talks about breaking the shackles
which try to pigeonhole women. It has been released with a 360-degree multimedia plan, pan-India
across TV, Print, Digital, Theatre, and Outdoor.

This film aims to highlight how generations of folklore have compartmentalized women into dressing, behaving, and presenting themselves in a particular fashion. A woman with short hair is often seen as rebellious and not the ‘wife type’, while the one with long hair is perceived as the ‘traditional type’, whereas, SkinKraft believes every woman is ‘her own type’.

For this campaign, SkinKraft has also roped in celebrities including popular Marathi actress, Rinku Rajguru who recently starred in an Amazon Prime original – Unpaused, fashion and travel blogger, Aashna Bhagwani and Poet, Aranya Johar to discuss their struggles on how they have strived to create their own niche, sharing individual successes and inspiring stories through SkinKraft’s initiative – #iammytype.

The film has been conceptualized by Lin Productions and directed by ace filmmaker Aloke Shetty. It portrays how society tries to typecast and bind women.

Chaitanya Nallan, Co-founder & CEO, SkinKraft said, “The beauty landscape is moving away from mass production to bespoke personalized solutions and experiences. SkinKraft, an AI-driven skin, and hair care brand was born out of two undeniable truths. First, to rescue women caught in an unrewarding cycle of experimentation in the quest to find good skin and hair care products. Second, to avoid churning out generic formulations in the mass market. With this brand film, we are trying to imbibe the same ideology that just like a woman’s individuality, her skin and hair are also unique; hence requiring a beauty and wellness regime that has been created and curated solely for her.”

Speaking on the campaign, Aloke Shetty, Director of the film, said, “ When we heard about SkinKraft and their concept of personalized beauty solutions, the first question we asked ourselves is how do we bring in that differentiation in the film narrative arc. A film that would seamlessly communicate the brand’s USP, without actually showcasing beauty in the traditional way. Our aim was to tell a compelling story through a series of strong visuals that would subvert the spoken lines and would create a sense of intrigue and unpredictability at the same time. That is evocative, not proactive, and that brings to life the idea of “challenging stereotypes”, of being “different and unique without really being branded into any one category”, in a very distinct and unconventional manner.”

At SkinKraft, customers are taken through a dermatologist-approved questionnaire to find their skin and hair’s current characteristics. The algorithm buckets them into one of 72 broad profiles each of which is further broken down into thousands of combinations. The customer then receives product recommendations with an ingredient mix that suits their exact skin and hair’s current needs. There is a further compatibility feedback loop and check within two weeks of use and product changes delivered at no extra cost. Cookie-cutter generic products perforce have to appeal to the lowest common denominator and hence efficacy levels are low vs Skinkraft Labs which delivers a beauty regime customised for you and you only and hence tracks very high efficacy %.

Products are manufactured under strict international safety and quality standards and contain no Phthalates, Parabens, SLS, or Formaldehyde and no animal testing is done.

About SkinKraft
SkinKraft, is an offering from IncNut Digital, the world’s largest beauty and wellness website, was conceptualized as an answer to the tens of thousands of skincare queries and questions that the site received from women readers. SkinKraft is India’s only platform that uses AI & Data Analytics for customized beauty products. The brand was conceptualized in late 2017 by Chaitanya Nallan (CEO), Veerendra Shivhare (CTO), and Sangram Simha (CMO). cut, SkinKraft’s parent company, secured a seed funding of INR fifty lakh from Venture East early in 2013. In 2018, I style, a Japanese conglomerate brand, acquired Venture East’s stake for 28 crores. In July 2020, SkinKraft and Vedix raised around $4M funding Series A Funding led by RPSG Ventures.

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